Building Communities of Excellent Lifestyles: A Possible Way Forward After Covid-19 Crisis

The current crisis of Covid-19 and the impact it could have on our future provides opportunities for critical analysis of communities’ shared values.

Our experiences as individuals, families and communities suggest that going forward, it cannot be business as usual.

While there were sudden changes to our ways of life resulting from Covid-19 pandemic, the crisis also provides opportunities for all stakeholders to reflect on what is essential for great lifestyles.

Excellent lifestyles are where the quality of life becomes more important than anything else. Among other things, they are lifestyles where everyone is safe, have access to good health services, healthy meals, and being educated enough to make good and right decisions continuously. These lifestyles do not portrait communities as merely surviving but such that provide opportunities without barriers. Thus, the emphasis is on creating spaces for every community stakeholder to engage in a designed cognitive audit, to define what an excellent lifestyle should connote. That is a chance for mutual understanding of shared values that may promote excellent lifestyles for communities.

An individual’s excellent lifestyle will reflect the health and wellbeing of his/her family and the wealth of the community. Covid-19 crisis has shown us that everyone is essential and can contribute to the health and wealth of communities. For example, there is less motivation for the unemployed to seek employment that matches the skill set during coronavirus lockdown. Where possible, employees were asked to work from home to protect lives. While the staff of some organisations are currently furloughed – scheme provided by the government to protect jobs, those categorised as essential workers had no choice if they are healthy than to agree with employers to continue to work to save lives and to keep communities going. Also, schools remain closed, and to ensure school pupils continue their learning; they accepted parents’ offer to become their teachers. We can go on and on to describe the contributions of every person during this crisis.


The moral lesson is that every individual has values and is indispensable when there are opportunities to contribute to what is needful. So, in a time like this, stakeholders need opportunities to define and pursue excellent lifestyles. In other words, this is the season for critical analysis of communities’ shared values.

A possible route to achieve an intellectual audit, especially for prosperous business endeavours, is to create opportunities for all stakeholders to examine and voice what the shared values for excellent lifestyles should be.

The experiences of some, during this crisis, are painful – loss of loved ones, confined interaction and compulsory strange relationships – maintaining social distancing. We all experienced temporary stagnation and inconveniences in one aspect of life or another. However, Covid-19 crisis has also suggested a turning point for the possibility of a community of excellent lifestyles underpinned by shared values. It is our choice to make the best use of the pandemic’ experiences for a good and brighter future for all.

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